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Looking Back, Looking Good... 2023 in a Nutshell

The year that my family grew from 3 to 5 members and my freelancing business started to morph into something more.

Family pic in Lecco

It was a lot... 2023 was exhausting, long, hectic, and somehow a blur. It was busy and productive but not in the traditional sense. There were days that just flew by and other days that felt endless because of the lack of sleep or constant need to refresh my inbox waiting and hoping for news from some project.

The year started with the surprising news that I was pregnant. Although it was planned, it happened quicker than expected... Both a blessing and a curse in my case because I like to have control over things. Especially when it comes to work.

So many questions came to mind but the one that worried me the most was: what will happen with my freelancing business?

Will my clients replace me? Will I have to start from scratch when I'm back? How long should my maternity leave be?

That's pretty much all I thought about during the first half of the year.

That is until we decided to get another dog. Not something most people would do when they're expecting but we did and I'm happy we did.

In comes an Australian Shepard named Dalí, the fourth member of our family.

He was exhausting. A lot more energetic than our Samoyed, Nor. Dalí was downright insane from the first second we got home and we love him for it.

In a way, he prepared us for the exhausting tasks that come with being parents. Like not sleeping enough or dealing with stinky poop.

Then on August 18th, Ari came along and 4 became 5.

I was so scared of how he'd change my life and rearrange my priorities, that I never stopped to think about all the incredible things I'd gain.

Like a constant source of entertainment because babies are the funniest thing in the world. The way they stretch and the faces they make when they wake up is pure comedy.

I'm glad I didn't know what I was getting myself into. In all fairness, I could have never imaged it even if I tried. People tell you about their experiences as parents but it's nothing compared to going through it yourself.

I took 2 weeks off and slowly started checking emails and searching for projects. Then I started getting back into working a few hours a day and I don't feel bad or guilty about it.

Ari's a happy little boy with or without his mommy looking at him while he sleeps...

As he grew and began being more energetic in the mornings, we got a nanny a few hours a day and I felt like I got a part of me back.

The part that has a clear mind and the energy to work.

So, I began working on my future agency. More on that soon...

Bottom line... My main takeaway from 2023 is...

They say you can't have it all and you can't.

But you can have a small piece of whatever matters to you enough that you prioritize it.

But that’s just me…thinking out loud.

Happy New Year and here's to a productive 2024.


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