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It's all about finding the right words... 

I know... didn't see that coming, did you?


How about this... do you often find yourself thinking... 


I get people to my website but they just don't turn into clients


Our ads look nice but people are not engaging with them.


Our app is cool but it doesn't really flow. People can't find certain info. 

Our marketing material doesn't reflect our tone of voice. 


Sorry to say it but...

It's your copy!


"Compelling copy draws in 7.8 times more site traffic and produces brand recall which brings higher engagement rates", according to the Content Institute. 

Ok, here's what you can do to fix it

(and coincidentally what I can help with) aka...

Copywriting services

  • Website copywriting

A website with carefully chosen messages that reflect what you do and the impact you can have. A website that turns visits into clients. 


  • Strategic copy: (re)defining a brand, writing brand books, special launches or campaigns, and more

 Copywriters are so much more than people who can write. We can be strategic partners in key moments like redefining your brand, launching a new service or product, or a special campaign. You need to communicate these events in a very unique, on-brand, engaging manner.

Who do you call?! NOT ghostbusters, no... - A copywriter! Well, me.  


  • UX writing

Make sure your app, website or any other digital asset has the right messages in place (microcopy) to guide a user seamlessly, ensuring a smooth navigation. Nobody will take the time to rack their brain. It needs to be smooth. ​

  • SEO blog posts

Get organic traffic to your website without paying for advertising by building a community. Entertain your audience, inform them, and show them you know what you're doing (and that they should trust you - but that goes without saying)

  • Marketing materials

Flyers, brochures, product sheets, whitepapers, product descriptions, etc. - professional yet approachable materials that showcase what you and how good you are at it.  

  • Social media copy

    Build a community, get the right message out there and grow your engagement on social media

  • Newsletter copy

It's not enough to just segment your audience and send them regular updates about your cool life (it's a shame it isn't, right?!). If you want to increase sales from email marketing, you also need to give them the right information at the right time. 

So.... what do you get from more engaging texts? 

More clients

Your website will act like your own 24h/day sales agent - Let's make him work !

More engagement

Your ads will have a higher click through rate, which means more traffic to your website aka sales agent ! 

More sales

Once you get more traffic and your website will convert better, your sales will increase exponentially !

So let's get our headphones on,

blast that jazz, pour some coffee and...


Here are some of my clients' thoughts about our collaborations

Rebeca Martinez Urdiales,

Branding & Communications NTT DATA

If you're looking for a creative copywriter that works hard and delivers on time, look no further than Ema. She's a creative force who's equally at home writing blog posts, whitepapers, product sheets, as well as drafting video scripts or LinkedIn captions. When it comes to taking a complex, technical topic and making it sound easy, she's the one to call. Whether you need a turnkey solution or just someone to take your ideas and run with them, Ema is your go-to copywriter.

Zuleka Kaysan

Managing Director The Cornerstone Advisory

I initially hired Ema to develop content for the company website. She helped curate the brand messaging and tone during the very early stages of the company. Since then, she has fast become an irreplaceable resource for the business. She has written marketing decks and company blogs - the content is always well-researched and follows SEO trends. She also coordinates with service providers to ensure the messaging is on point. I never have to worry about managing the content because she is proactive with a get-things-done attitude. Ema has added significant value to Cornerstone, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.   

Andy Young,
Content and product specialist

Gemma Portavella, 
Digital Project Manager at Elkanodata

Ema is an incredible professional, as a Copywriter, Comms, Project approach, but also very problem solver oriented. It's always easy work and collaborate with her, she's flexible and commits on her work to a 100%. I can only recommend Ema every time I can!

Ema is energetic, enthusiastic, very talented and generally just great to have involved in any project. She's very easy to work with, due to her manner and work ethic. Problems are only ever a stepping stone to a solution with Ema - that goes for creative tasks she's working on or projects she's managing. You can rely on her to get done what needs to be done and to stay on top of a complex schedule, even if others are not. She delivers everything on time, understands the importance of communication and has great ideas. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Ema.

Stefania Talento,
co-owner in and out Studio

We've been collaborating with Ema for almost a year now, mainly for social media copy and if you need engaging copy in English, she's your girl! She's also very easy to work with, positive and proactive, which is a big plus.

Mariana Mercuri,

owner Iki by Manaw

Ema is very committed and proactive but the best thing about working with her, was the fact that she understood perfectly what we wanted to communicate. She then took our ideas and turned them into such a descriptive text, you can almost taste our food.

Mari Marinescu,
owner of Terra Salin

We asked Ema to help us with the texts for our social media ads the week before we opened! It was an intense week but she was very dedicated and it really felt like she was a member of the team. Ema also did the setup for the campaigns which not only helped grow our Facebook and Instagram accounts, but also brought in a lot of people to our website that booked sessions! Digital copy works!!

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