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Let's build your story. 

I am a big believer in the saying "it's not what you say, it's how you say it" and at this point, the market is saturated with products and services that look and sound the same, so why would someone choose your brand?

First of all, because they like you and only afterwards... because of the characteristics of your service or product, price, and other rational reasons. 

So how do they end up liking you?


Once they get to know you.

You only have a few seconds of people's attention to win them over so it's essential that when they find your website, they get hooked quickly. With carefully written texts, people will connect with your brand and understand how your business can help them.


🧮 What do numbers and copywriting have in common? ✏️

Not much at a first glance but after 8 years working in performance advertising, dealing with numbers and clear-cut KPIs, I found that some of the skills I gained in my previous field, helped me develop a very direct approach when it comes to writing.
My name is Ema...
✍️ I write clear, engaging copy for people, not robots that scan for buzzwords. I don't write fluff texts, with complex wording that just sound pompous but, in fact, don't mean much. I focus more on getting a reaction out of a person.

And it's gone well so far 🙂

typwriting my gif.gif

On a more personal note... 

  • I'm a foodie all the way!

  • I spent all the lockdowns reading 📖 Especially historic novels that are placed in the ´30, preferably New York or Paris, or books like The Well-Fed Writer or Atomic Habits

  • My favourite object in the house is the typewriter-keyboard I use for writing - this one... check out this bad boy 👉🏼 

  • I call "home" Barcelona and Milan 

  • I appreciate common sense above almost anything else 

  • I'm a sucker for jazz, turn tables, vintage typewriters

  • Proud owner of the most beautiful samoyed in the world
    (guess that might not be true but in my heart I think it is!)

me milan.jpeg

But enough about me...

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