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This Skincare Company Writes Copy that Would Make Any Teen Blush

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

Copywriting at its best: so good you can smell their scrub or feel the abrasive particles with your fingers. It almost turns you on in a weird way.

How copywriting can help build a brand and how words can paint a better picture than… well, paint.

Let's be frank: you’ll rarely find examples of copywriting that are as cheeky, witty, enticing and deliciously smart as that of skincare company, Frank Body.

It might seem a bit provocative at first because it's written in 1st person. A capital sin according to many copywriting gurus out there. The teachings go: address the client's needs, nobody cares about you.

All true but if you know how to crack the code and make it work, it’s pure gold.

They do it so well, you can almost see a person staring you in the face and talking to you about these products.

Which is, let's face it, the dream of any brand that's worth its salt.

Wanna see them do their copywriting magic?

While I encourage you to check out their website for yourselves and marvel at their brilliance, here are a few examples to prove my point:

  • "Guess what? You'll be naked in one minute." - packing of one of their coffee-based body scrubs

  • A CTA to get you to visit their Instagram - "BUTT first, Instagram"

  • "How to end a dry spell" is the title of a video they placed on one of the pages. You click, the clip starts and it continues the phrase making it "How to end a dry spell and have a smooth skin forever"

  • A clear claim: "Clean, simple, effective skincare: that's what I do best"

I could go on forever because almost everything they write is pure gold. I won't though, I'll let you discover their site and products which… to make it even better - are great!

It’s difficult to extract some learnings here because you need a knack for this kind of stuff in particular but here are some thoughts:

  • Another great example of why you should write the bio of the person you’re selling to. If you can see them, understand what they do and who they are, the work is half-done and you can write easier to that particular person.

  • Dare to be different. Yeah I know, a cliche but seeing their copywriting, you’ll understand what I mean. They’re not afraid to push the envelope and be who they want to be.

  • Less is more, in this case. Don’t overdo it. Write short, clear, effective copy with a punch.

But that’s just me… thinking out loud.


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