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Don Draper vs. ChatGPT - A Mad Men-Inspired Copywriting Showdown

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

Who's up for a gold old retro rumble for copywriting supremacy?

Don Draper smoking, Mad Men

In one corner, we have Mad Man's enigmatic Don Draper with his suave swagger and questionable lifestyle choices who taught us a thing or two about copywriting back in the 1960s.

In the other corner, we have our trusty ChatGPT the AI-powered copywriting whiz, ready to give ol' Donny boy a run for his money.

Place your bets, folks, and enjoy this retro-meets-futuristic showdown on copywriting prowess.

1. Playing the Emotion Game

Don Draper was the king of heartstring-tugging, emotion-driven ads that could make you reach for your wallet without even realizing it. ChatGPT, not to be outdone, uses its AI smarts to craft messages that hit you right in the feels.

The result? Content that makes you laugh, cry, and most importantly, click "buy."

2. Once Upon a Time in Ad Land

Our dapper Don was a storyteller extraordinaire, spinning tales that turned everyday products into must-haves. ChatGPT doesn't shy away from a good yarn either. It can whip up stories that entertain, engage, and leave you craving more.

Step aside, Don; there's a new storytelling maestro in town.

3. Less is More, Darling!

Don Draper knew how to make every word count, delivering punchy, concise copy that didn't waste anyone's time. ChatGPT follows the same principle, cutting through the fluff and delivering the goods with minimal fuss.

In the battle of brevity, it's a neck-and-neck race!

4. Research and Data: The Secret Sauce. Here's looking to you, ChatGPT.

Don might have been more of an intuition guy, but he knew when to lean on research and data to make his ads shine. ChatGPT, on the other hand, is a data fiend, feeding on vast amounts of information to create copy that's up-to-date and on-trend.

You could say it's got a bit of a competitive edge there, eh, Don?

5. Evolve or Die, Baby!

Don Draper's approach to copywriting evolved with the times, proving he was no one-trick pony. ChatGPT ain't no slacker either! It learns and adapts its output based on new data, making sure it stays on top of its game. Sorry, Don, but ChatGPT's got some serious staying power.

While Don Draper might be a dashing figure from a bygone era, his copywriting wisdom still holds true today. ChatGPT, with its futuristic AI chops, takes those lessons and turbocharges them for the modern age.

By marrying Don's time-tested insights with ChatGPT's cutting-edge capabilities, businesses can elevate their copywriting game and charm the socks off their audience. Don Draper might be a tough act to follow, but ChatGPT is more than up to the challenge.

But that’s just me… thinking out loud.


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