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Masterful (& currently suspended) Peloton ads, lockdowns, Chris Noth's scandal & travel restrictions

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

Aka the end of 2021

There’s always something… we just can’t catch a break, can we?

Gone are the days when the holidays were peaceful moments where you’d have long meals with the family.

Nowadays it’s all about Googling the latest travel restrictions, traveling in fear that you’re missing some new form that just became mandatory and frantically shopping for presents in places you should be avoiding because they’re too crowded.

But then the Sex and the City revival came and many of us took a break from the current mess to just take a moment and go back to simpler times.

and then, Mr Big died.

Just like that… for a split second, millennials across the world that grew up with Sex and the City felt it’s the end of an(other) era. Good, bad, abusive or flawed, it was over. And many blamed that Peloton bike, which isn’t really fair since the guy had a heart condition... but I digress…

What happened next was a masterful move done in just 48h by Ryan Reynolds’ Maximum Effort agency for Peloton: an ad that showed Chris Noth enjoying his bike, not dying because of it.

Brilliant, funny and slick in true Mr. Big fashion… it put a cheeky smile on our faces and gave us copywriters and ad people the satisfaction of a great campaign.

Then the ad got suspended because of Chris Noth’s scandal which, again, took the world by storm.

Do you see a pattern here? It seems like every time 2021 tries to spread some joy, it gets cut off.

And it’s normal in a way. 2021 is the middle child of the pandemic.

2020 was the first year and, much like a first birth, it changed our lives overnight and, what seemed like forever.

Then came 2021 when things got a bit better - we even went on vacations! It didn’t take long and it all went sour again in autumn. It’s December now and we’re in the middle of another wave of lockdowns.

Many have high hopes for 2022 saying it’s the year when the pandemic will finally be under control.

That leaves 2021 like the middle child that wants your attention, does anything to get it but unfortunately fails… simply… because it’s “that” kind of year.

2021, Charles Bukowski said it best:

Cheer up. Maybe you’ll be famous after you’re dead.“

But I’m just thinking out loud...


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