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Is Blogging for the Sake of Building a Personal Brand too Slow to bring in Results?

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

I have a few thoughts on blogging… I hated it for the longest time. But then I figured I’m doing it wrong.

As a copywriter and, maybe one day, writer (stooooop, I can barely bring myself to write that), I should have a joy in writing. Any kind of writing.

But blogging seemed like shameless self-promotion and I can’t stand the thought of being yet another person that’s giving advice online. The internet is full of “let me show you how to” do this and that, and I have my doubts whether that actually brings in any results.

Like the Merovingian so articulately explained in possibly one of the best scenes in the Matrix franchise: every effort you make should have an effect whether it’s immediate or seen in time.

It can be followers, engagement, new clients, awareness that you exist.

Side note, how awesome was Monica Bellucci when she vengefully put in practice his little speech? Is that scene too epic for words or what!?

She could not be cooler and hotter at the same time.

Anyway… many will say - well, you share knowledge because you’re building your brand and establishing yourself as an expert in your field.

To which I say - actually, all the hours you put into your work, the portfolio you build and all your happy clients will help you do that too. That was my strategy at least and it turned out fine. I often share some ideas in a very on-point newsletter.

Having said all that, I’m done hating blogging or posting for that matter. I’ve established my rhythm and, up until a certain point, it’s more cathartic than just something I have to do. As long as it’s not preachy, I’m on board.

So… how to start blogging without hating it? Or yourself for doing it.

To quote one of my favorite copywriting agencies out there, Frank Mouth, “let’s air this shit out and nail down some useful approaches to getting that daunting yet oh so important blog written”.

Here’s what took the IM out of impossible for me:

  • Write about what you know and research research research.

  • Make it sound like you’re in front of someone talking, don’t try to sound complex and pompous

  • Be original - easier said than done especially in a world where it seems like it’s all been done. Your opinion hasn’t been said. Say that.

  • Give your insight on something that’s relevant at that time. While digging topics from the past is less stressful, trending topics will, well… trend.

Much like you, I have my favorites in the digital space. Those social accounts, blogs of companies you would secretly love to work with, or just normal people - that crack you up, make you think and inspire you to do something cool yourself.

Follow them, listen and think, and ideas will flow.

Or at least that’s what I do…

But that’s just me… thinking out loud.


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