Words that sell in the digital space

Does your website turn visits in real clients?

Did you know that the average person is exposed to 6.000 - 10.000 ads every day?

Are your ads compelling enough?

Improve the texts from your website, ads, social media or any other digital assets, and increase your online sales

You want... 

  • more sales from your website

  • your ads to convert better

  • and why not.... a higher engagement on your social media accounts

But even if you have a website, ads, social media accounts and the texts seems to be good, your audience is just not reacting. 

When you open your website and read it, does it attract your attention? Would you buy your product or service if you were in the targeted audience?

Think of your website as a sales agent that works 24h... it doesn't just need to explain what your business does, it also needs to leave people wanting more. It needs to be persuasive enough to make people do something you want them to do... fill in a form, write a message in the Contact Me section, etc.

And there's another thing to have in mind: your ads redirect to your website or a specific lading page on your website (ex: a product page or the description of your service) so the content on that page needs to be in line with the ad. 

It's not enough to just explain what your business does in your ads or draw attention with a nice banner, you also need to get people excited and curious about your product or service.


If your ads aren't converting well, don't just change creatives, there's only so much an image can do for you. 


What will determine people to click an ad is the promise of a solution, of learning something new or simply having a good time. That message needs to be compressed in a short, concise, and compelling text. 

The actual story that people will buy is the one about how your business will meet a need they have and solve it in the best and most stress-free way. 

The real picture is  painted by words.

And for that, you need persuasive texts

A coherent message that connects all your digital efforts is the key to increasing your online sales. 

Compelling texts will act as your online sales agent, bringing in new clients while you go about your day.

Let’s not forget about your social media copy! 

Social media is part of our every day but sometimes we lose sight of why it's crucial to our business. 

It's as simple as this: an audience that follows and engages with your brand represents

a community that likes your product or service and who will most likely, promote it to

their circle of friends and family. Translated into: SALES! 

If you're not getting engagement in your social media accounts, you're loosing not only the opportunity to expand your brand but also a whole source of income.
We can't have that!

Copy for


Copy for 


Copy for 

Social Media

To sum up, what's stopping you from getting better results, and how can I can help with digital copywriting?

  • The message in your ads, website, and social media doesn’t reflect what a game-changer your service or product really is. By writing client-oriented, persuasive texts, people will connect to your brand, and sales will increase.


  • The texts in your ads aren’t compelling enough to get people to interact with them. A clearer and more dynamic message will make people click your ads.


  • The website you have explains what your business does but you can't find the words to get your potential clients enthusiastic about it. I can! Copy is precisely that: putting together words that will excite and determine people to take a certain action (in the case of a website, fill in a form, subscribe to your newsletter, etc.)


  • The social media accounts you have for your business aren't engaging your target audience and you can’t seem to get them to become part of your community.  I will tell your story and will make them want to become an advocate for your product or service. 

My name is Ema, digital copywriter, and I assist small and medium business and entrepreneurs in finding the message that will have the most impact in the digital space. During the past 8 years, I have been working in digital advertising where I saw first hand the impact that good copy had on sales generated by ads and websites.
Over the past 4 years I've been working as an independent digital copywriter, collaborating with digital agencies, restaurants, marketplaces, book writers, coaches and other businesses, and helping them achieve their objectives through persuasive digital copywriting. 
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