Copywriting that's conversational, clear and doesn't sound pompous?!

oh do tell... 


Writing texts for your business often feels tedious.

It's because you want to

sell without selling

be approachable but not too informal

be clear without making it sounds too basic

You write, edit, write, edit, write again, and when you finally reach a good-enough version, you click that dreaded Publish button and it's out there!!

For everybody to see and read?! Yikes... How terrifying!!  

It is...

So, here's my take on copywriting:

can we be best friends.gif

The online conversation between your potential clients and your business should be engaging, clear, different and it should generate trust between you 2

The excitement should be palpable.

Like this:


It's not enough to just explain what your business does or draw attention to it with a nice banner, you also need to get people excited and curious about what you're offering. 

And for that, you need engaging texts.

Ok so where do I come in?

Riiiight....  about....



At this point, you might be thinking... 

"Who is this copywriting stranger and what can she do for my business?"

if you must know.gif



For whom?

My name is Ema Fulga.


I write engaging copy that is inspired by the elegance of classical copywriters (think 50s - 60s, David Abbott, William Bernbach, David Ogilvy), and adapted to today's fast-paced reality.


Copy for communication or launch campaigns, web copy, sales pages, UX, newsletter sequences, and anything that aims to get a reaction.


Small or medium sized companies that aren't afraid to be different or agencies that work with cool and fresh brands.


I stay away from fluff texts with complex wording that just sound pompous but, in fact, don't mean much.

And, so far, it's gone very well 🙂

Over the past 5 years I've been working as an independent copywriter and collaborated with major advertising agencies (yeah, you know them), corporations but also local businesses, book authors, coaches and other independent entrepreneurs, helping them achieve their objectives through persuasive texts. 


In my experience, and my clients' as well (wink, wink)....
compelling texts will act as your online sales agent, bringing in new clients while you go about your day.

Now, doesn't that sound fun?

A few examples of companies I've worked with:

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Screenshot 2022-06-06 at 16.26.18.png
Screenshot 2021-12-21 at 17.47.20.png
Screenshot 2021-03-22 at 18.52.42.png
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