Copywriting that's conversational, clear and doesn't sound pompous?!

oh do tell... 


Writing texts for your business often feels sooo difficult.

You want to sell without selling, be approachable but not too informal, be clear but don't make it sounds too basic... 

You write, edit, write, edit, write again, and when you finally reach a good-enough version, you click that dreaded Publish button and it's out there!!

For anybody to see and read. Yikes!

How terrifying!!  

It is...

Especially if you wrote those texts thinking they're clear to... well..


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Albert Einstein famously said:

"If you can't explain it in a simple way, you don't understand it well enough."

There should never be a shadow of a doubt that your business isn't an expert in what it sells. 

Here's my take on it

And for that, you need engaging texts.

Ok so where do I come in? Riiiight....  about.... now!

You might be asking yourself, so who is this copywriting stranger and how can she can help with my copywriting?

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My name is Ema, and ✍️ I write clear, engaging copy for people, not robots that scan for buzzwords. I don't write fluff texts, with complex wording that just sound pompous but, in fact, don't mean much. I focus more on getting a reaction out of a person.

And it's gone well so far 🙂

Over the past 4 years I've been working as an independent digital copywriter, collaborating with digital agencies, restaurants, marketplaces, book writers, coaches and other businesses, and helping them achieve their objectives through persuasive digital copywriting. 

In my experience, and my clients' as well (wink, wink), compelling texts will act as your online sales agent, bringing in new clients while you go about your day.

Now, doesn't that sound fun?

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The online conversation between your business and its potential clients should be engaging, clear, like 2 people that just met and are clicking instantaneously.


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It's not enough to just explain what your business does or draw attention with a nice banner, you also need to get people excited and curious about your product or service.


Clients and Collaborators

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