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Copywriting for Crisis Management: Channeling the Spirit of Succession

What does the Roy family and copywriting for crisis management have in common? More than (initially) meets the eye.

Succession series

The Roy Family's Guide to Copywriting for Crisis Management

With the season 4 of Succession coming to an end a feeling of nostalgia takes over just like with any great series. Another reason it made me think it's because it's hard not to marvel at the Roy family's ability to navigate the stormy seas of crises.

But did you stop and think what their communication strategies can teach about copywriting for crisis management? Let's take a moment and channel your inner Roy and craft compelling, impactful copy for crisis management.

1. Planning your content ahead

One of the keys to the Roys' crisis management success is their knack for planning ahead. When it comes to copywriting, being prepared is essential. Start by brainstorming potential crisis scenarios and outlining a plan for each.

Then define what kind of content you might need.

For example: are you adding a new healthy snack to your product portfolio? Is it organic? Is it low in sugar? If the answer is NO, these 2 are probably the first points people will attack you on.

Or perhaps you're launching a new software for veterinarians? Is it user friendly? Does it take long to sign up? Is it more expensive than its competition?

Draft a plan for any potential issues. You might need a well-thought out email blast to existing customers and get ahead of their questions. Write your social media copy carefully, having in mind any comebacks people might have.

Having a well-thought-out copywriting strategy in place will allow you to stay one step ahead, just like the Roys.

2. Nailing the tone and messaging. Think consistency.

The Roy family may be all over the place behind the scenes, but their messaging during crises is consistently on point. Your copywriting should follow suit, maintaining a consistent tone and messaging that aligns with your brand's values and goals.

Take Oatly. They had so many scandals, they decided to create this brilliant landing page boldly called f*ck Oatly and address all the issues they've had.

Pro: They brought the fight to their territory and took control of the narrative. And they did it in their own unique tone of voice.

Oatly page where they dissect their scandals

3. Honesty, the Roy way: embracing transparency and accountability

In Succession, the Roy family's secrets always seem to come to light. This is a valuable reminder that transparency and accountability are crucial in crisis management copywriting.

Be upfront about the situation, admit any mistakes, and share your plan to address the issue. This honesty can help protect your brand's reputation and rebuild trust with your audience.

4. Bouncing back, Roy-style: showcasing adaptability and resilience

The Roys are experts at bouncing back from crises with flair, and your copywriting should reflect that same resilience. Focus on your organization's ability to adapt and overcome challenges, highlighting your team's dedication to finding solutions and learning from the experience. By showcasing your adaptability, you can inspire confidence in your audience and emerge from the crisis stronger than before.

5. Engaging stakeholders: a lesson from the Roys

The Roy family understands the importance of involving all relevant stakeholders during a crisis. Your copywriting should do the same, addressing the concerns of all parties and demonstrating a commitment to collaboration. By engaging stakeholders and maintaining open lines of communication, you can foster a united front and work together to overcome the crisis.

See? Surprisingly enough Succession offers valuable insights into effective copywriting for crisis management. By taking a page out of the Roy family's playbook, you can develop a communication strategy that conveys the right message at each phase of a crisis. Remember to prioritize planning, consistency, transparency, adaptability, and stakeholder engagement to successfully navigate any crisis that comes your way.

But that’s just me… thinking out loud.


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