Let's improve the performance of your ads with convincing texts


Turn your website into your best sales agent.


Build a story on social media and increase engagement with your community

I am a big believer in the saying "it's not what you say, it's how you say it" because at this point, the market is saturated with products and services so why would someone choose you?

First of all, because they trust you and then, because of characteristics, price, and other rational reasons. 

So how do they end up trusting you? WORDS.

You only have a few seconds of people's attention when you can win their trust so it's essential that when they reach your website, they get hooked. With carefully written texts, people will connect with your brand and understand how your business can help them.


The same goes for ads. During my years spent in digital advertising, I've seen first hand how a slight difference in one's ad copy, influenced the conversion of that ad. The idea was the same but the words were different and that made people click on one rather than the other. And the differences in conversions (aka sales) were significant! The reason why I write digital copy is that I believe all businesses should be able to promote themselves efficiently online.

My name is Ema, I have been working in digital advertising for over 7 years now so I've been swimming among ads, ad copy, creatives, websites, and social media. Out of those 7 years, about 5 of them were spent working in affiliate marketing where my sole focus was promoting online products (such as games, mobile sites, etc.) through banners and other ad formats. That's where I saw first hand how a message on a banner can double the amount of revenue than another, less persuasive ad.

Let's work on your copy and increase your sales too!