Compelling texts for your ads will increase performance. A more client-oriented message on your website will bring in more leads and engaging texts for your social media accounts will help you build your community.

Put together, a persuasive, coherent message will help you achieve and exceed the sales goals you have set. 

Does this sound familiar?


You manage to attract people to your website but they don't turn into clients. 


Your ads look nice but you're not getting the engagement you think you should get. 


You like your website but it doesn't express well what your business is and how it can help


Your marketing material doesn't have the impact you would like it to have. 

It's your copy!

Did you know that...

Compelling copy draws 7.8 times more site traffic and produces brand recall which brings higher engagement rates, according to the Content Institute. 

Copywriting services

Let's put your texts to work ! 

Here is what I can do for you: 

  • web copy - homepage, about us, product pages, etc. this will make your website turn the people visiting your site, into clients

  • marketing material - flyers, brochures, presentations, etc. which will give your business the professional tools to sell your product or service

  • social media copy - content calendar - it will get your message and help grow your engagement with your audience

So.... what do you get from more engaging texts? 

More clients

Your website will act like your own 24h/day sales agent - Let's make him work !

More engagement

Your ads will have a higher click through rate, which means more traffic to your website aka sales agent ! 

More sales

Once you get more traffic and your website will convert better, your sales will increase exponentially !


content writing page.jpg

Ema has been helping me out with web copy for a personal project and she's been a great addition to the team. Her texts are engaging and descriptive, not too sales oriented, conversational but not too informal... Her copy finds the sweet spot and she's always positive and easy to work with.

lolita pic.jpg

Mariana Mercuri,

owner Iki by Manaw

Ema is very committed and proactive but the best thing about working with her, was the fact that she understood perfectly what we wanted to communicate. She then took our ideas and turned them into such a descriptive text, you can almost taste our food.


Stefania Talento,

co-owner in and out Studio

We've been collaborating with Ema for almost a year now, mainly for social media copy and if you need engaging copy in English, she's your girl! She's also very easy to work with, positive and proactive, which is a big plus.


  • get the conversion started 

  • get people excited over things, places, food, people... and companies

Andreu Bastos,

co-founder in and out Barcelona

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